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High-grade stainless-steel Argentinian grill, with a mild-steel base.


Safe and ergonomically sound, operational convenience.

Argentinian Grill

    • Stainless-steel base and gantry frame with a convenient, manual grid level adjustment feature for selection of the optimal grilling height
    • Two stainless-steel removable charcoal trays / ash-pans
    • Stainless-steel level adjustment wheel, gear drive and locking lever
    • Stainless-steel grid frame suspended from a stainless-steel wind-up crossbar by means of two heavy-duty stainless-steel cables
    • Two removable heavy duty stainless-steel grids
    • Rotisserie set, consisting of a Nickel-plated spit shaft, two sets of Nickel-plated skewers and a detachable battery-powered spit motor
    • Rotisserie motor: Battery powered
    • Spit shaft length: 870mm
    • Skewers: 2 off sets of 2 skewers, nickel-plated

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